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Residential Services works with residents to teach daily living and other skills that enable them to achieve their highest level of independence.

Residential training instructors teach basic to more advanced skills.  Among these are tooth brushing, toileting skills, laundry skills, self-hygiene, grooming, travel training, survival skills and dining etiquette. Care is taken to tailor instruction to a resident’s individual level and need.

Staff empowers residents to care for themselves as much as possible, at the same time ensuring each resident’s needs are met while maintaining their dignity.


New Horizons Village has a full complement of medical professionals whose comprehensive approach (taking into account the patient’s history and condition) is a benefit to residents and their family members.

The fully staffed clinic is open daily from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. On-call supervisors are on duty 24 hours. The health services supervisor works closely with the medical director, psychiatrist, pharmacist, therapists, and other disciplines to ensure a complete range of care for each resident.


Therapies are designed to prevent further disability and establish each resident's highest possible functional level.

A licensed physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist visit the New Horizons Village campus weekly and evaluate each resident at least annually.

Therapy is normally conducted individually
and in small groups after the therapist consults with other staff members to design the most effective program for each resident.


New Horizons Village has an exceptional team of cooks and kitchen staff.

Led by a registered dietitian and
a Certified Dietary Manager, the Nutrition Services Department provides wholesome, quality meals to all of our residents three times daily.

This department maintains a robust selection of menu items while catering to the prescriptive dietary needs of each resident.

Behavior Analysis

Led by a Ph.D.-level, board-certified behavior analyst, the Behavior Science Department uses scientifically proven methods to identify and change inappropriate behaviors and teach residents positive social and behavioral skills.

Staffed by a team of certified behavior analysts, New Horizons Village employs
behavior management techniques. This approach has significantly reduced the amount of medication many residents had taken for years while decreasing inappropriate behavior.


New Horizons Village employs two recreational specialists, and a certified lifeguard to provide life enrichment activities for residents.

Recreation Department activities improve socialization skills, physical fitness, and self esteem.

Our 20x30-foot in-ground swimming pool is monitored by the lifeguard. The Recreation Department involves residents with opportunities for community integration.

Social Services

Our Social Worker acts as the main advocate for all residents of New Horizons Village.

Dedicated to guaranteeing the protection of each resident's human and civil rights, the Social Worker provides various forms of counseling to residents in addition to acting as a liaison between outside agencies and residents’ families.

The department hosts the Human Rights Advocacy Committee Meeting and coordinates home visits. Here, residents and their family members can find someone in whom they can confide, express frustrations or file a grievance.

The Social Worker is always available to meet with family members regarding any aspect of their loved ones’ life at New Horizons Village.


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