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New Horizons Village sets a standard for compassionate and comprehensive care of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

 Licensed as an Intermediate Care Facility for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/IID), New Horizons Village provides for the physical, emotional, and personal needs of our residents. Our efforts and programs are designed for their safety, health, and welfare and to enable them to become as productive, self-sufficient and independent as possible.

Our mission, values and vision assure residents and their families that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence.

Our Mission:

Giving loving care and protection to the lives entrusted to us while guiding them to become creative, self-sufficient and independent.

Our Vision:

Challenging ourselves to continue to raise the standards of care for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Our Values:

Integrity; Compassion; Honesty; Faithfulness; Dependability; Honor; Excellence

New Horizons Village gives loving care to our residents and reassurance to their families. We invite you to visit us to see the program we’re building and the results we’re achieving.

Unique Features...

New Horizons Village’s 13-acre campus is home to 48 residents in six residential units. Each resident has his or her own room and a semi-private bath. Additionally, each home has a full kitchen, living area and screened porch. In the last two years (since new ownership assumed responsibility for New Horizons Village) all homes have renovated and upgraded to provide even more comfort and safety for residents. Campus facilities include a swimming pool, recreation building, a health clinic, and offices. New vans transport residents to occupational and recreational opportunities, medical appointments and other off-campus destinations. Celebrations and festivals for the enjoyment of residents and their families are held at various times during the year.


New Horizons Village with its modern, attractive campus style living atmosphere provides residents with: A home like environment with necessary training, supervision and guidance, location within the mainstream community life, and access to necessary supportive, habilitative and rehabilitative programs and services.


New Horizons Village’s ICF/IID services include residential; health; therapies (physical, occupational and speech); personal growth (independent living skills); nutrition; behavior analysis; recreation; 24-hour supervision and case management. Each service is tailored to the needs of our residents and focused on enabling us to fulfill our mission and vision.

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